📊 SportX.bet

SportX.bet Overview

SportX.bet is a non-custodial front-end interface that enables anyone with a Web3 wallet to place bets using the SportX protocol.

Advantages of SportX.Bet

SportX.bet provides massive advantages over any traditional centralized sports books or betting exchanges.

1) Liquidity

SportX.bet concentrates liquidity into one central location in order to provide a platform for users to find the best odds and depth.

2) Freedom

The non-custodial nature of SportX.bet enables it a level of personal privacy, security, and transparency that simply cannot be replicated in the traditional centralized platform.

3) Flexible

Users can currently access SportX.bet through its industry leading API which allows both the offering (limit order equivalent) and filling of bets (market order equivalent), or they can interact with the protocol using the sportx.bet front end

Additional Features

There are a host of additional features the founding team has built into the SportX.bet web application such as:

1) Betting Tournaments

SportX.bet has functionality for creating and hosting betting tournaments. These are unique promotions that reward users with prizes if they beat other users in different contests. Tournament can either be scored based on Net Return (total gross winnings) or Profit (net profit) over a customizable time period. They are highly customizable, and can be configured to only count bets on a certain sport, cryptocurrency, etc. These tournaments are currently financed by the founding team but can also be financed by the community treasury as a fun marketing promotion to spur adoption and liquidity.

2) Staking UI

While users can stake directly on the contract level, users can also stake their SX tokens through the Sportx.bet interface to earn a protocol staking rewards, participate in governance, and lower their exchange fees (see Staking for more details).

3) Mobile PWA

SportX.bet is mobile friendly and can be download as a progressive web app on both iPhones and Android devices. Using mobile will require using a mobile-friendly wallet like Magic though, as desktop wallets like MetaMask are not yet mobile compatible.